A L E X A N D E R H.

Alexander H. is the Executive Director of Photography & Videography of Haute La Vie 2166, and the artist behind Creative Connect. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Alex is a young creative with many talents in the arts - Videography, Photography, and Directing. He is currently working on his Bachelors in Communications at Buffalo State College. 

Alexander has worked with Atlantic Records, Dz Media, Chivas, Roc Nation, ComplexCon, and the Buffalo Bills - just to name a few. He has photographed mainstream artists such as Big Sean, Pusha t, Tyga, B.A.N.K. Noise and more. Shooting live events is one of Alexander's passions as well as helping people connect. What Alex would like people to take away from this platform, is that no one is different and we're all the same. You have the opportunity to be presented on a platform with your local coffee shop employees, co-workers, to celebrities and public figures in the world.