Phostorian #1

What do you do differently? I'm fully aware that everyone is doing some what of the same thing. As of the last three years due to social media development Photography has become a fab of some sort to people. There's tons of dope photographers, Videographers and Directors.  But what makes everyone special in their own way is the story and journey that helps mold an individual into themselves. After a while your style of work is just naturally a reflection of your emotion, personality and character. People ask me all the time: "Where did the name Creativeconnect come from?" As cliche as it sounds, It just came to me! I use to go by @Sphvnx on Instagram and realized it just wasn't a professional nor marketable name for myself. So I sat in my room and assessed what I actually want to do, but more importantly what I want my work to represent. What I decided in that moment was to create a platform that connects all walks of life, From people to products , Celebrities to Locals. That's when it just clicked! I'm Connecting people in a creative way as if i'm a Creative Connect. I liked how it sounded and have been running with ever since. Now that the foundation is in place, it's time to embark on this journey. I made this blog as a blue print that people can read and follow to personally navigate through  different moments captured in history. This will be a tale of a extremely lucky and hard working photographer in history!
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