Locations 2018

Thank you Brandon Lua for letting me have to pleasure of working by the side of so many dope artists. What made this event so interesting is that everyone in different fields finally came together on one project. I've always seen Photographers like "Seekaxiom" around, we had conversations of collaborating on a project but could never find the time to make it actually happen. We're both busy people, so it was more then understandable. The reason behind "Locations" plays such a similar goal to my brand and I loved every moment of it. 

As I entered the event it was so dope to see some many of my friends in one place, It felt like we were the Justice League of Buffalo NY.

Shooting for me was very intense! Every time I turned around there was at least five people asking for their photo to be taken. Which made it kind of Difficult to stay focus on one Model at a time. Over all it was a great experience for the Buffalo Photography culture and I cant wait till the next event.

Here are a couple of dope shoots I took from the event:



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